Enter your video driver parameters, find it and click Download. As it unpacks and installation begins, select NVIDIA Graphics Driver and then Agree button. Choose Express installation to save time, or Custom mode (with a choice of components), click Next. A video card is responsible for processing and presenting images/media, and can also transmit sound via HDMI. For casual use it won’t actually matter what driver version is there, but for 3D designers, gamers, video production engineers productivity is vital. The software like IObit Driver Booster make this method is the easiest, fastest, and delivers the result in most cases. Surely, it also may happen that you get an unstable or outdated driver.

You can get the most out of your graphics drivers, maximize the features of your audio system, and even push the capabilities of your webcam. Updating drivers can also allow your OS to take advantage of newer software, unlocking the potential of your hardware. A driver update can optimize the hardware for more recent apps, like later versions of Adobe Photoshop or popular new games. Now I’ve no clue if this is causing a problem byt seriously, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Turn off auto driver updates, and try to avoid windows updates as well.

What is a driver update?

Again, more or less all of these additional drivers can be found on their manufacturer’s website, downloaded, and installed like a standard program through the web browser of your choice. The tool will download the operating system files, load them on the drive, and get it ready for installation. Depending on your Internet connection, this will take somewhere between ten minutes to an hour. You can do other stuff on the computer you’re using while it works. In addition, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the latest BIOS to make the process as smooth as possible — particularly if you’re swapping out your SSD on day one. Turn on the Ally using the included SSD, go through the initial Windows setup, and head to the Windows desktop. Open the MyASUS app and check for updates — once the BIOS is updated, you can shut down the device and continue with the steps below.

  • We tested all the programs based on their features, user-friendliness, performance, and many other factors to help you make the correct choice.
  • It does have some new G-Sync compatible (Freesync) monitors, a bunch of bug fixes, and three security vulnerability fixes.
  • Low FPS and stutter can totally destroy your gaming experience.
  • FPS are on the same ranges, and Frame time numbers recorded are maybe a hair better, but well within error margin again.
  • Your Windows will start looking for updates released by Microsoft and update your audio drivers with new patches as rocketdrivers.com soon as possible.
  • Open Windows Device Manager and click on “Display adapters”.

If you are not sure which driver is outdated, you can find the corresponding driver easily. Compared to the manual method in the above section, it saves time. You can update drivers as soon as possible instead of getting stuck in identifying the hardware information. Serve as a free driver update tool, Driver Easy used by millions of users. In this article, we will provide info about how to use a driver easy. Therefore, if Device Manager doesn’t find you the latest Acer Nitro 5 drivers, we recommend using Driver Techie to scan and repair outdated, corrupt, or missing drivers. It works in most cases where you have a driver-related issue.